IP systems

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The iPECS IP system delivers all the functionalities of a traditional PBX and more!  While other IP PBX systems have forgotten the classic features, the iPECS system intergrates all traditional features into an  IP modern platform.

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LG-ERICSSON has been providing customized telephony solutions to the SMB market segment for many years. The iPECS-MG continues this tradition, building on field-proven technologies and architecture to satisfy core SMB priorities including simplification, flexibility, efficiency, convergence, compatibility, and environmental responsibility. The iPECS-MG is a highly reliable, extensible and feature-rich business telephony platform that integrates your PSTN,  IP and mobile networks providing SMBs with improved business productivity. As a hybrid system, the iPECS-MG supports complete IP solutions as well as mixed deployments consisting of both IP and TDM.

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IPITOMY IP1100-IP5000:

IPitomy is a full IP system ranging from 1 extension to 500 per system, and unlimited system networking to allow as many extensions as numbering can allow! The innovative award winning IPitomy systems,IP1100, IP1200,  IP2000,  & IP5000, all offer the latest in IP technology with the simplest in use, set-up, and maintaining.


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